Types and Styles of Thai Massages

If you’re going into a Thai massage, you should immediately start thinking about the particular type or style of Thai massage that you are looking for as there are a variety of techniques and practices that can be used on a person. Every technique usually arrives at the same result of feeling relaxed and fresh after the session. Knowing what you want once you walk through that door allows both you and the therapist to understand how to make you feel comfortable.

The first type of Thai massage you can choose is the Northern Style and Southern Style massages. These are known to be the two main streams of Thai massage in Thailand. It’s pretty common that these two styles are taught in massage school and that therapists like to use them with their clients. With this particular technique, the therapists will incorporate more stretches and range of motion exercises while also being done at a slower pace.

We then have the Royal Style and Rural Style Thai Massage which are distinct between two. The Royal Style is commonly practiced only in the royal courts or in places with high officials. This practice occurs when the therapist conducts the massage onto the person while being on their knees and never crossing the body by being polite and avoiding being rude. The rural Style, on the other hand, is a more free and liberal style where the therapist can use their thumbs, arms, knees, or any part of the body that produces pressure or acupressure. This is where the therapist can work closely with the partner and not have to worry about crossing any lines.

We also have the Jap Sen or Nerve Touch Thai Massage that has gained popularity in Chiang Mai. This is more of a unique technique where the use of plucking or grabbing on the Sen Energy Lines is used. The muscles and nerves will basically be “rolled over” and can be deemed painful to the client. 

At Nuad Thai School, our licensed therapists and experts have readied themselves to educate anyone about the history and techniques of different Thai Massages and how to maximize your client’s needs. If you would like to learn more, you can easily talk to one of our members by simply contacting us.

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