What to wear for a Thai massage

A Thai massage will typically be done on a full-body but can also be done in certain areas depending on the package chosen by the client. However, it is important that consent is given by the client if the massage requires them to be fully nude to apply products like oils or creams. Knowing what you should wear for the session will give the importance of a pleasant and successful session. 

In many cases, going into a spa or massage parlor requires you to be in the nude whilst being provided with appropriate clothing to make you feel comfortable. Obviously, the same logic comes with this being hygienic, clean, and efficient. However, there are some cases where clothing isn’t available which is where you will need to learn what to wear to get the most out of your session.

If you’re in a country that is known to have a humid or tropical climate, then it would be best to bring an extra set of clean clothing to avoid having a non-pleasant smelly experience. Usually, after the massage session, you will be required to wash your hands and feet. This process may be done either by yourself or someone else.

Clothing can also be seen as an efficient way to get the most out of the session due to the amount of pressing, acupressure, and stretching in order to have the masseuse have a good grip. The appropriate clothing that is found good is cotton pants or jogging pants and preferably a shirt with long sleeves. 

Cultural aspects can also be something to be looked at as in Southeast Asia, it is usually appropriate to not show too much skin and to cover up as much as possible for ethical purposes. You will find that the clothing given in a massage parlor is long pants and long-sleeved shirts to cover up the skin.

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