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Thai massage therapies continue to be a demanding form of massage for people around the world. With Nuad Thai School finally opening its doors for educational purposes, prospective clients can venture into the Thai massage industry and select the right massage course that suits their wants and needs.

Nuad Thai School was recently certificated with full rights to become a massage school and start educating those interested in the industry. The Nuad Thai School Academy promises to provide the best quality and standard for all whether it’s tourists, professionals, etc. With the right commitment, you too can become one of us and explore a new horizon.

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Private Course

Couples Massage Workshop

Bring new experiences into your life with a unique activity. Feel the change with this private couple massage workshop with our trained and licensed therapists.

This is a perfect experience for romantic couples to learn about different massage couples and understand the aspects of Thai massages in the comfort of your own home.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Enjoy various health benefits of a traditional Thai massage that focuses on stretching, pulling, and rocking movements. It incorporates the therapist’s hands, knees, legs, and...

Aroma Oil Massage

We use organic essential oils from plants, leaves, and flowers to massage pressure points of the body. The heated warm oil helps soften and expand...

Facial Treatment

A facial soothing massage treatment will deeply cleanse your skin and prepare you for a pampering ritual. Our therapist will gently massage your face to...

Thai Warrior Massage

The Thai Warrior Massage is a traditional Thai therapy that has been practiced since ancient times. Before the 13th century, this massage was used to...

Traditional Foot Massage

A reflex action in another part of the body is stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area. Use pressure point massage techniques, mainly on...

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