Traditional Thai Massage

Enjoy various health benefits of a traditional Thai massage that focuses on stretching, pulling, and rocking movements. It incorporates the therapist’s hands, knees, legs, and feet to apply deep muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure.

At first glance, a Thai traditional massage will mimic yoga poses that are done to the customer to complement acupressure. The traditional Thai massage goes from Thailand to China and the arrival of Buddhism from India. This shows that the aspects of Thai massage have been borrowed and passed to other cultures. The main concept of the traditional Thai massage is to have a full release of vital life force by having the therapist stimulate the invisible pathways within the body. Unlike other types of massage, the traditional Thai massage is known to be a painful technique but relieving experience after the secession. With the use of traditional Thai medicine, the trained therapists will be able to identify the blocked pathways and unblock them using pressures and particular stretching techniques.

What should you be expecting with traditional Thai massages? Well, depending on the spa salons, the use of oil and strange massage techniques will be used on the clients. It is important that although the pain will be experienced, that the therapist themselves use gentle strokes and rubs and squeeze certain areas without creating discomfort for the client. 

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  • 4-hours private course
  • Instructor & Model
  • Introduction & Theory
  • Thai Massage Practice
  • School Certification


  • 100% hours private course
  • Instructor & Model
  • Professional Training Course
  • Custom or Tailor-Made
  • Official UTTS Certification


  • Hot Stone
  • Herbal Compress
  • Body Scrub & Wrap
  • Aroma Oil Massage
  • 3-hours per treatment