Where to start if I want to learn Thai Massage?

Being able to have the ability to perform a Thai massage on a partner or a friend is a unique skill that will be impressive but also beneficial for the person receiving the massage. There are people around the world that are trying to learn different massage techniques to either perform on themselves or to perform on a friend or partner. In this case, there are many ways to learn Thai massages and different routes you can take to begin.

Going to a Massage School

This will have to be the first route that you can take as schools will usually have trained and licensed therapists that can give you the right education. There are small schools and boutique schools that you can choose from. It’s important that you understand whether or not you’re making your money’s worth in learning the right techniques for Thai massages. This, however, is known to be an expensive method as you are going to a private school to learn intricate techniques. 

Going to a Thai Massage Parlor in Thailand

This is another way that is done in your own personal time as humans are amazing creatures that can learn things on their own. Some may find it easy to go onto the internet like Youtube and search for tutorials on how to learn the techniques. Though it is more efficient to go straight to a Thai massage parlor and understand how the techniques are done or if there are any secrets being done that aren’t shown on the internet

learn Thai Massage

Online Thai Massage Training

Leading up to this part the second point is going through online Thai massage training. Similar to going to a massage school, people can find doing online training efficient if they can’t go to a school or can’t afford to fly to Thailand to actually learn the techniques. Going to the right online school can be beneficial to understanding and gaining knowledge on the right techniques to perfect the Thai Massage

Nuad Thai School is a new boutique school that provides all kinds of training for massages. With our trained and licensed therapists/instructors, we can help beginners to professionals with the techniques and ways to perfect this skill.

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