What are the Sib Sen Energy Lines?

For generations in Thai Massage therapy, the theoretical foundation of Thai massage is based on the concept of invisible energy lines inside the human body. Whether it’s meridians, channels, or pathways, it is known to be an important factor when performing traditional Thai massages.

The whole idea of the Sib Sen Energy lines originates from the Indian Yoga philosophy. Diving into this whole concept of the Yoga state, this energy of life is taken through food, drinks, breathing, and other variety of these so-called “channels”. What makes it so important is that it is believed that any blockage found within these lines causes discomfort or illnesses. Performing Thai massages by massaging, stretching, rocking, and pressure can be found to clear these blockages and any discomfort. With the unique stretching and techniques, the energy in these lines can suggest a way of healing and restoring the health of the human body. 

The interesting idea of the Sib Sen Energy lines can be identified scientifically, unfortunately. The lines themselves are within the second layer or extra body next to the physical body, some may see this as the spiritual body or the invisible body called “Pranamaya Kosha

If you dig deeper into this concept, there are numbers ranging near 72,000 energy lines with the separation of main and sub-lines. The correlation between these lines and Thai massages is that therapists have the skill to locate the main lines for acupressure points. Being able to manipulate these points allows the human body to feel relief from discomfort, diseases, or complicated conditions.

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