Thai Massage VS. Thai Yoga Massage

Understanding the concept of Thai massage may seem simplistic, but there is a misconception regarding the differences between Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Massage. Some may suggest that yogic activities are directly related to Indian Yoga. Nonetheless, this is a term that is synonymously used for Thai Traditional Massage (Nuad Thai or Nuad Boran), which is an ancient healing practice.

There’s an obvious reason why the term “Yoga” is used for these practices, and that is due to the techniques applied perceived as yoga-like stretches, some of which resemble Indian Yoga poses or are even replicated from those.

So now the question that many people ask is, is there a difference between Thai Massage and Thai Yoga massage?

Not necessarily.

Thai Yoga Massages or Thai Massages is basically just a synonym of Thai Massage, at least that’s how the West has always seen it. The term “Yoga” in Thai Massages was established to offer training or treatments as well as a way to attract customers with its attractive name. It’s important to note that the term “Yoga” was never used in Thailand and is still called Nuad Thai, Nuad Phaen Thai, Nuad Boran, Nuad Phaen Boran.

In simple terms, customers, especially in the West, should see Thai Yoga as Thai massages or Ascetic self-stretching exercises.

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