Intimacy Aspects and Consent in Thai Massages

When it comes to Thai Massages, the majority will find that a certain type of intimacy exists within the whole experience. Why is this? For starters, massages come with touch and these touches in massages are within the idea of closeness, kindness, lovingness, and gentleness, which displays a level of intimacy.

Any variety of messages between the therapist and customer must always come with an agreement, or what some people may call “consent”. These are the existing boundaries created between both parties that must be addressed before the massage session. The beauty of this is that not only the client explains their wishes and boundaries, but the massage therapist will inform the client about what ways work and what the limits are depending on the body. Intimacy itself comes into 2 ideas: Physical Intimacy and Emotional Intimacy.

Physical Intimacy

Before conducting any form of massage, the massage therapist will first have to understand the reasons why the client is seeking treatment for help and healing. The most obvious reasons will come with discomfort in certain areas of their body, illnesses inside the body, or muscle pains. However, one motive that isn’t thought about normally is the feeling of being touched physically. It is often seen that the customers haven’t been touched for months or years closely which is why they go to massage parlors to get that experience. It is important that therapists learn how to deal with these demands and act carefully.

When it comes to massage therapy, it is imperative that the therapist itself speaks to the client first intensively to learn about their health physically, emotionally, and psychologically. This will build trust between both parties and allows the massage to be an experience felt like no other. Once again, the therapist must understand the limitations by giving some advice and guidelines.

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