Giving Your Partner the Best Massage

Your entire body receives a “love letter” during a good massage. There are numerous benefits to getting one, regardless of whether you use it as an occasional self-care indulgence or to find relief from chronic pain. Professional rubdowns are fantastic but frequently expensive (they’re also your best bet if you need bodywork for a medical condition or sports injury). However, giving a massage to someone you become intimate with has its own benefits.

Kneading each other’s knots is a way to foster trust, enhance communication, and express vulnerability while also demonstrating selfless love and affection.

As wonderful as that sounds, it can be scary to try to offer one as a beginner. There is definitely a wrong way to do it, as anyone who has ever had their significant other gently pull away from their shoulder squeezes while murmuring a polite thank-you knows.

You should usually make a temporary haven to unwind the body and mind unless you’ve managed to acquire a massage table. If you decide that lying on the ground is preferable, create a comfy area by placing a lot of cushions and pillows there. As you have your partner positioned, be mindful of their back.

Although it’s not required, using oil makes it easier for hands to easily move over tight muscle regions during professional sessions. Use a neutral “carrier oil” since you may be applying heavily; if there is an essential oil aroma you know you adore but isn’t overbearing, add a few drops to the mixture.

Giving Your Partner the Best Massage

You may transform your bedroom into a spa-like space with a few easy adjustments. Turn off your cell phone ringers and get rid of electronic distractions like computer screens and LED lights that blink.

It’s important to avoid making any assumptions about how (or where) your spouse will want to be massaged because “different strokes for different people” genuinely apply to massage. Some people require a soft touch throughout, while others believe that a good back massage necessitates pressing firmly. Unsatisfactory—or even painful—results can be distinguished from those that make a person into putty in your hands.

Having said that, it doesn’t hurt to have a basic understanding of massage techniques. Once you’ve gotten a basic understanding, the person you’re infatuated with can tell you exactly what you like for the next time and demonstrate all three massage techniques: effleurage, petrissage, and friction.

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