What is a Traditional Thai Massage?

Out of all the types of massages worldwide, experiencing a Thai massage is an experience to try at least once in your life. It usually ends up being one of the most revisited massages due to its benefits and the uniqueness of the massage therapy itself. To have the best experience, it’s best to understand precisely what Thai Massages are.

So, what are Thai Massages?

In Thailand, this would normally be called Nuad Thai or Buad Boran, which is considered to be a part of the cultural heritage of Thailand and an integral part of Thai Traditional Medicine. This dates back decades ago as a traditional and ancient form of healing to the body with deep tissue treatment, deep stretches, and other variety of massage techniques. 

Thai massages itself is usually performed by conducting stretching exercises, yoga poses, pressure, and acupressure. The greatest part about Thai massages is that the customer can choose the goal of the session. What this means is that with the selection of choices, herbal compresses can also be applied to give out a different experience. When experiencing a Thai massage, the human mind, body, and energy can learn how to be cooperative with each other to achieve harmony. 

Similar to the other types of massages, Thai massage therapy can be used to be preventive and curative medicine for the human body. Moreover, whatever physical or mental strains the human body experiences, receiving a Thai massage can be thought of as a way to relieve all pain, and going about the holistic approach can assist the body to produce self-healing and regeneration processes.

In usual cases, the oil will not be applied and the masseuse will just use their hands, elbows, fingers, feet, and knees to apply the treatment therapy. However, if the message is to be conducted with the use of oils or herbs, it is required that the treatment will be done to the unclothed body. You will find Thai massages done on the floor with a special mat with some cases being done at a massage table and can take an hour or two.

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