Muscle Tightness and How to Loosen Them

Some common words that you might have heard from someone who just finished a long day at work or is physically inactive for a long time are tightness, stiffness, or pain. This is a common way to describe how you are feeling when your muscles feel tight and are in need of treatment. When it comes to this, the go-to for loosening your muscles are massages. Experts today have the capability of loosening your muscle in specific areas of the body with different techniques.

Before learning how to loosen them, we must understand what causes muscle tightness. In general, it’s actually hard to describe muscle tightness because it can occur in specific areas of the body that you can’t even reach. For an athlete such as a basketball player that uses their legs and arms, it’s actually easy to conduct self-treatment. Once it becomes specific and complex, you will then need help from a professional therapist.

Muscle Tightness and How to Loosen Them

There are about 600 muscles in the human body that can be categorized into three types which are skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. When you are performing daily activities or even just functioning generally, you will be using parts of the body that sends nerve signals to each muscle depending on what is being used. After muscle contraction, a relaxed state is reached until you will need to use them again. This is where muscle tightness occurs because, in situations where your muscle hasn’t been in a contracted state for a long period, the muscles can be tight and thus causing pain and stress.

Another reason why you are experiencing muscle stiffness is dehydration. This might not make sense to some people but not staying properly hydrated allows you to feel pain in the muscles and joints. Note that our muscles are made out of 79% water which means that water is imperative to keeping a healthy body.

The most common factor is poor posture. The reason that this is a common factor is that it is actually not the easiest task to accomplish at all. Humans tend to forget about keeping a proper posture which results in pain and stress in the muscles and joints. These postures can come from not sitting properly, standing in awkward positions, or lying down in an unorthodox way.

Muscle Tightness and How to Loosen Them

To avoid all these types of muscle stiffness, the obvious way is to head to your nearest massage salon and get a massage treatment for the specific part of the body that you are feeling stress from. However, the best to avoid all of this, in general, is by staying fit and by stretching before and after any activity. This helps loosen the muscles and keeps your body flexible to move freely.

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