How To Give Yourself a Face Massage At Home

With a lot of professionals down the block, it’s very accessible to get facial treatments at either a clinic or a salon. To let you guys in on a little secret, you can achieve similar results by giving yourself a facial massage at home. It always starts off with people being hesitant because they believe that it’s important to have the necessary products to conduct a self-face massage. This blog will help all of you learn how to get a face massage at home just by using your hands and some techniques.

The Introductory Process

Just like every procedure with body treatments, you will need to have a clean body by either using cleansing products or just getting out of the shower with a clean body. After you have cleansed your face, you can start to prep your skin with the products that you may have or mentally prepare yourself for the process as this is supposed to mimic a massage at the salon. If you are using certain products, remember to apply a small amount to your face and that the products themselves are warm and ready to use. This will be essential to having great results in the end.

Applying Gentle Pressure to Areas of the Face

Once you have all these products in hand and your face is ready for the massage, start applying gentle pressure to different areas of the face. You will want to first start with the lymph areas which are under the ears and alongside the neck. This will get your face started for the whole procedure. After that, you should smoothly press the lines of the forehead going to the eyes and the side of your face. Proceed with this motion multiple times whilst applying gentle pressure to avoid uncomfortable feelings.

Face Massage At Home

Finishing Procedures

Once you have done the massaging procedure, you can proceed to finishing up my doing small massage techniques from your upper chest to the neck to have the full experience. You can then do the final cleansing by washing your face, while at the same time, still applying that gentle pressure that you have been doing since the beginning. This will keep your face calm and smooth at the end of the massage to get a nice feeling at the end.

These are the general procedure that you can now do at your home by yourself. It is also okay to have your partner do it for you as this keeps your relaxed and calm. Today at Nuad Thai School, we help educate everyone the different techniques of facial massage to give you the full experience.

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