Experiencing Pain in Thai Massage

When you’re going through the procedure of a Thai massage, it is important to understand that there will be some pain experienced if you have never gone through it before. The treatment itself will involve some pain due to the use of pressure on the hands and elbows. Although some sort of pain will cause discomfort, the result comes in the state of the body is relieved, and that is what every client wants to experience.

Looking at it, there are various cultures around the world that can both appreciate Thai massages and at the same time also dislike it. Frankly, it all comes down to the preparation of the client when going into the procedure. If the client is rested well enough before the massage, there shouldn’t be an issue at all. 

Some examples that can be looked into are in Asia where a lot of people there experience deep pain but enjoy the idea of it as it provides relief to the body. As Asians are used to pain during massages at a young age, they develop pain tolerance. On the other hand, when we look at people in the West like in France or in Germany, once the pain tolerance is reached, then it immediately becomes an uncomfortable experience thus ending in a bad mood for the clients.

With that being said, it is imperative that the therapist communicates every specific with the client to make sure that the experience itself is great for both the client and therapist.

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