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It’s all about quality and high standards. With our professional and registered masseuse, we can provide you with the right education to get enter this field.

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Nuad Thai School Academy

We are a dedicated team of passionate masseuses ready to serve all with the right education for Thai massages. Watch how our team performs these intricate movements and learn the right techniques for maximum performance.

High-Quality Courses

Everything including Signature Therapies ready to serve!

Directly from the Nuad Thai School, we have brought in our wide range of menus for Thai massages. You can expect to see traditional Thai massages, Oil massages, or anti-aging facials. Our team has mastered the art of these intricate movements and is ready to transfer this knowledge to you.

The Nuad Thai School has also received an award-winning signature experience for masseuses which include facial contouring to lift and rejuvenate, body framing therapies, and oil massages. We have taken on to make sure that all techniques learned from the Nuad Thai School are transitioned as knowledge to be passed on.

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Our tailor-made courses will open up new horizons to the world of massage


We make sure the highest standards are met with different skillsets shown to experience to learn

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